Fussen in AEEDC Exhibition
Company News | 2018-01-05 15:43:59

Fussen will attend AEEDC Exhibition as location at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The Exhibition will open on 6th Feb and close on 8th Feb 2018During the three days of Exhibition, We will display and do the demonstration for three of the product which is including Imaging Plate Scanner, Intraoral 3D Scanner and Intraoral Camera.

Welcome to Fussen booth as location is at Rashid Hall with Booth No.:SRC14


Digitalized intraoral Image Plate Scanning & Processing System.

Flexible, intelligent, High-definition and unlimited connection,


Flexible Multifunctional Photophor

•          Maximizing product value: up to 2000 times for every piece of photophor

•          Thickness at 0.1mm & 270 degree bend

•          4 sizes optional


Highly Self-Adaptive Photophor Processor

•          Smart sensing: security & lossless guaranteed by touching control tray for pushing in dental films

•          Smart testing: auto-identifying size of dental film

•          Smart scanning: auto-reading dental films plugged

•          Smart erasing: auto clearing trace of dental film after reading

•          Smart waiting: immediate use achieved by pushing-out after scanning

•          Smart optimizing: auto-adjusting optimal contrast & brightness

•          Smart energy-saving: auto-switch over energy-saving mode when a device stops using.


High Definition X-Ray Image


Data print & output format

Support DICOM and ordinary printers

Data export with DICOM, DICOMDIR, BMP & JPG supportable.