All in one, one station solution

With CT,panoramic, cephalometric functions in one,to meet all the needs of oral clinical treatment

Professional clinical observation software, perfect image post-processing and 3D dental planting simulation and other functionsto meet the needs of clinical dentists.

Precise control, ultra-low radiation

3D full FOV scan within 15s, cephalometric scan within 12s
Using high-speed pulse exposure to reduce motion artifacts and avoid repeated shooting, can significantly reduce radiation dose.
Various shooting modes available, radiation dose can be precisely control

With 75um high resolution,
the image is more clear and delicate

Using CMOS flat panel detector, image resolution is up to 75μm, the dose is very low
The most realistic image data is available via 3D, 2D and skull lateral modes
Using MARs to limit artifact, the image can maintain uniform brightness, have less distortion, be more delicate and for more accurate diagnosis.

FUSSEN Denview Imaging Software

User-friendly operation interface
Easy image acquisition, view and process
High image resolution
Perfect compatibility with third-party software, such as NobelGuide,Simplant, Suresmile, ect
Unlimited connection to user terminals

CBCT features

Professional 3D software, powerful and easy to operate

The powerful 3D software, it’s easy to use

Plan and simulate the implant procedure

Orthodontic function

Complete Cephalometric shooting in 12s, lower radiation, more easy and convenientHigh-definition images, easy anatomical structure judgment

Clinical application
  • Bone mineral density evaluation

  • Postoperative evaluation of dental implantation

  • The relative position of the impacted tooth
    and the mandibular canal

  • C-shaped canal